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The website has a great effect to showcase a business service and product to potential customers. A website plays a vital role in uplifting a business venture to the next level for the necessary brand buildup, traffic buildup and highlights its services and products to reach potential customers. Attractive website designs have a great impact on boosting business growth. Talented website designers and developers build modern website designs and develop efficient websites that are adaptive to the latest trending digital solutions. All type of business requires user-friendly websites that draw more customers to their service or products and hence improve the profits.

Techpep technologies are having one of the best website designers and website developers in Mookkannoor for all Business website services. Responsive and creative website design is vital for attracting and engaging customers towards your business. Techpep technologies have developers capable of an online shopping website, Ecommerce website platforms for all business ventures that want to sell their products.

What is the need for a good website for business in Mookkannoor?

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Types of business domains for website design and development in Mookkannoor

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Website designing and development Features in Mookkannoor

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Website Designing and Developing Procedures in Mookkannoor

Great website design is moulded with website design factors such as

  1. Orientation type of business - Website designer needs to understand the business type such as food catering, online shopping, fitness or diet, education, entertainment, travel, automobiles, healthcare, architecture or tourism, property or real estate, legal or law, mobiles etc. to keep in mind while for creative designing purpose. 
  2. Website goal - Website designer needs to understand clarification from the client about the purpose and goals of the website; needs to collect relevant data such as price, discounts, names of products, offers, address, social media links, contact numbers, content information for organizing and content structuring the website.
  3. Elegant visuals - With the proper color theme, image combinations, business images and usage of vector images derive an attractive website design layout according to the needs of clients and brand.
  4. SEO Friendly design - Content and image structuring page designs according to search engine optimization, favourable for better search visibility of business
  5. Navigation detail design - Navigational tabs and clickable elements highlighting design for the better user experience
  6. Optimized media or images for faster loading - Optimized video formats embedding and Compressed Images or usage of SVG,  for efficient website loading and decreasing the bounce rate.
  7. Text fonts - Readability for every aged customer with suitable text fonts are highlighted and also according to client requirements
  8. Wireframes & optimized code - The functional programming codes and wireframes are developed by the website designer that is the major framework of a website
  9. Interactive elements - Mouse movement interactive website design elements are added for attracting customers as well as for navigation enhancement highlighting, Animated business theme can be incorporated with SVG or gif and other animated codes for enhancements
  10. Compatibility on different device platforms - The web designer has to make the website compatible on all digital device platforms like mobile phones, tablets, desktops etc. 
  11. Browser compatible - Website compatible on all types of browsers like google chrome, mozilla firefox, Opera etc.
  12. Testing sequence - Testing has to be done on different platforms devices, browsers for checking for design errors or compatible issues.
  13. Launch or publishing - After the frequent positive test results, the web design can be exhibited to the client for changes or modification or acceptance. After the client acceptance, web development can be proceeded and launched with best web hosting service

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Website designers and website developers adopt modern web technologies for creating a responsive, secure and user-friendly website that can attract potential customers. In order for raising business profitability, the need for a responsive website with trending features are essential to improve the sales and online presence.

best website designer developer in mookkannoor

Some of the latest technologies used by website designer and developer in Mookkannoor?


Bootstrap 4.4.1










Owl Carousel Slider


Google Font


Magnific Popup


Fully Responsive


Clean Code


Speed Optimized


Well Documented


Font Awesome 5.13.0


Seo Friendly




yii 2





Web Designing and Development frequently asked questions (FAQS)

 1. How much does a new web design and development cost in Mookkannoor?

Average basic web design and development cost at a range between Rs. 10000 - Rs. 80000 based on the features, modules, add ons, number of pages, payment gateways, design complexity, business categories etc. An eCommerce website has a price range of Rs. 80,000 to Rs.6 Lakh based on the business volume, amount of products, admin panels, buyer user interface, seller user interface, android and ios mobile application integration services etc.

 2. How much time will it take for website completion in Mookkannoor?

Based on the website design and complex functional modules it would take usually about 1 week to 8 weeks for completion of the website. If the complexity of functions are higher it would take longer to implement.

3. What are Static and Dynamic websites?

Static websites are ones that are fixed and display the same content for every user. A dynamic website is one that can display different content and provide user interaction, by making use of advanced programming and databases in addition to HTML.

4. Is it possible to update the completed website by the client itself?

With better and user-friendly website admin panels designed and guided by web developers will be able to help the client to update by himself for future updates.

5. Will there be website maintenance works available?

Website revamping, server domain renewal, adding additional functional modules and many website maintenance works can be provided by the website developers with a relative service charge.

6. What is the importance of mobile-friendly websites in Mookkannoor?

Mobile-friendly websites have great importance in search engines for better page ranks as well as for reducing the bounce rate of users. 

7. Who provides content for websites?

Website contents are provided by the client itself because they know about their business and product more. Verified and approved contents from the client have much authentication and valuable details that can favour the users of the website.

8. Where are the website hosted?

 Website is hosted at web hosting sites like Digital Ocean, AWS, GoDaddy etc. by expert web developers.

Website development skills in designing & developing a highly efficient website are procured from years of learning, implementation experience, talents and creativity. Choosing the right website designer and developers can be selected based on their work portfolio quality. Direct and indirect appreciation received from clients to the website designers and website developers is a valuable and honourable asset to Techpep technologies. So Don't wait! It's the right time to build your future business venture along with best web development company in Kerala.

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