Web Design Company in Kochi, Cochin for Business Website Services

Website is one of the essential online platform that every business, companies or industry needed in this modern era to showcase their business products or services to the online consumers. The virus pandemic situation during 2020 - 2021 itself has shown the importance of a website. When the conventional direct business where forced to close the website acts as a platform where online services and online product sales where booming. Those who does not use online web platforms has to face consequences. Techpep Technologies is one of the best web design company in kochi that has delivered quality and efficient web designs matching the business profile. Animated or SVG vector based web designs for all types of business are the unique specialities of the web design company that are one of the trending standards. Responsive, mobile friendly, adaptive, futuristic , SEO friendly and user-friendly business website services are provided to all categories of business that are well recognized and satisfied by the customers for its top-notch quality and delivery. With experienced, talented and skilled UI / UX designers, web designers and web developers every business can now be part of the online world where the potential consumers are browsing for their desired products and services. It's time to uplifit your business reach with online web solutions provided from expert web design company in cochin. 

best web design company in kochi cochin

Why best web design company in Kochi, Techpep Technologies for Business website design and development

Techpep technologies has been serving clients across the globe with customized and visually appealing web designs that are unique and well crafted by the creative minds of experienced web designers and web developers. The international clients approach towards Techpep technologies itself shows the great demand of web services provided by the IT company. Techpep technologis are one of the famous web design company in Kochi providing quality and responsive website design and development services across the globe. Kochi is the land of business opportunities and inorder to stay top in the business among the competitors, the need of an online web platform is essential. Based on the nature and theme of business customized web designs are delivered to clients in Kochi that are simply outstanding and attention grabbers. Customized shop website designs, ecommerce website designs, Food and drinks business website designs, supermarket website designs, jewellery website designs, hotel or restaurant website designs, resort website designs, tours and travel website design, educational website designs, hospitality website designs, healthcare clinic website designs and many more has been delivered in style according to the budget estimate. They provide ecommerce web solutions and web application services such as Accounts management web applications, Job scheduling CRM, Login / logut HRMS and many more for clients to improve business performance results. With years of experience and adaptive to latest web technologies makes the reputation name stand top among its clients. Perfect blend of creativity, quality, adoption of animated vector elements and uniqueness are the basic constraints that makes techpep technologies special and named for the best web design company among the customers. Techpep Technologies has recieved great appreciation from clients across the globe for meeting their expection levels and beyond. Ecommerce website design company in Ernakulam with secured and responsive ecommerce web design and development solutions within the time frame with rapid payment gateways.

Characteristics features for choosing best web design company in Kochi, Techpep technologies are

  1. Futuristic and adaptive business oriented web design and development in Kochi
  2. Rapid responsive ecommerce web design and development in Kochi
  3. Animated web design elements that upgrades business standards
  4. Standard and quality visual appearance in web design matching the business profile
  5. Competitive web designs with perfect touch of creativity
  6. Flexibility in web designing for different types of business domains
  7. SEO friendly website design and development in Kochi
  8. Unique and innovative web designs and functional features
  9. User friendly website design and development in Kochi
  10. Ecommerce web application and mobile application design and development software team for customers and vendors
  11. Website admin panels interface design and development for future updation for clients itself.
  12. Mobile friendly website design and development in Kochi
  13. Latest technology and trend analysis of the competitors and implementation
  14. Efficient web hosting service management for better responsive multiple user functionality at a time.
  15. Rapid website maintenance services.
  16. Best organic traffic and lead generating website SEO marketing services by talented SEO experts in Kochi
  17. Compatibility of web designs in latest mobile platform devices and browsers 
  18. Website logo design services that could make significant brand impression among online customers 
  19. Customized visually appealing design layout as customer requirements
  20. Best ecommerce payment gateway implementation that can support multiple payment options within responsive time

What are the major services done by web design company in Kochi, Cochin?

best website design services in kochi cochin

Attractive and user friendly web design are vital for engaging customers towards a business. Highly responsive and SEO friendly web designs are always dominant among other competitors delivering better output results for the business growth. Shaping creative web designs matching the business profile and theme requires a great understanding between the web designer and clients. Experience in new web design strategies by the web designer helps to efficiently design and develop website that are responsive to multiple users at a time. With best web design company services any type of business can now be part of the online world along with keeping the business standards. Outstanding web designs with pinch of vectors and animations makes web designers of Techpep technologies so special. Techpep technologies is one of the best web design and development company in Kerala, India that provide desired web solutions according to client requirements.

What are the types of business domains for web design in Kochi, Cochin?

best web design company kochi

What is the need of website for business in Kochi from top web design company?

Why business website solutions and services was important during pandemic situations 2020 - 2021 in Kochi?

ecommerce website vs pandemic situation 2020 2021 kochi cochin

During the pandemic situation most of the business were forced to close their conventional business store or office due to lockdown imposed by the government. Most of the business has learned the importance of website medium that allows showcasing their products or service for online business sales. As the conventional direct sales were stopped the online sales where in full throttle sustaining the business who adopted online website solutions and web services. lets check out why website soloutions was important during pandemic.

  1. Instant purchase was possible for customer with ecommerce website and even get delivered through allowed delivery or courier services
  2. Ecommerce website act as a digital online display version of a business rather than the traditional conventional shop display showcasing all the services and products to potential customers around the world online.
  3. During the pandemic customers were limited to travel. But some of the online ecommerce website home delivery system was promoted by the government for delivering food and other essentials. Thus the business who adopted ecommerce website home delivery solutions has maintained the sales of business to thrive.
  4. Due to stay at home situation direct shopping experience was limited for customers. Customers were able to choose their favorite products based on colour, size, quantity, brands, price within fingertips at home itself with ecommerce website.
  5. Employees where able to work from remote location with business web applications and solutions due to virus spread situations
  6. Business brand name and value has improved considerably for serving online during pandemic situations with a website
  7. Relative business profits are maintained with ecommerce website online sales of business products and services.
  8. Business Website helps to communicate services and product details to the viewers and also interested viewers can contact the business for further conversions or sales.  
  9. Consumers were able to choose favourite products and add it to the wishlist or online cart for purchasing it later with ecommerce website
  10. Website has also become a online medium to display and introduce new products and its upgraded version to the viewers.
  11. Website helped business to reach potential customers around the world who are searching for those products or service
  12. Business reputation and name are improved among online consumers which further paves the way for consumer refferal to other consumers.
  13. Mulitple payment options for purchasing thorugh ecommerce website allows consumers flexibility of shopping and improve the sales
  14. Website online pressence allows your business services and products to the world 24*7 rather than 8 hours or limited working hours.
  15. Ecommerce website adopted business sustains with better sales rather than other competitors who are not opted for ecommerce solutions
  16. Website SEO oriented services helped to target particular locations during the pandemic

Web Design Agency in Kochi

website design agency in kochi cochin

As the website design services has gradually become great in demand along with immense number of international and local clients satisfaction reviews has advanced Techpep Technologies to become as a web design agency that serves clients across the globe providing quality and creative web design and development. The website design agency in ernakulam, kerala has achieved quite a recognition in the web design field for it's unique creativity and style not only in india but also from across the globe such as UK, USA, Germany, New zealand, Israel, UAE etc. Serving clients with dedicated cordination and technical support has always been giving positive vibes and appreciations. Web designing with animated and pleasing visual treats are the highlights of this reputed web designing agency. Low cost ecommerce website design services in india and around the world with order tracking features has been an attractive option for the clients to choose Techpep technologies.

Our Clients

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a little relic web design
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real accessories web design


Professional Web Design Company in Kochi

professional web design company in kochi

Dedication and devotion by the web design company in Kochi is achieved with the dedicated and professional web designers that shapes unique and creative web designs which are outstanding among the competitors. Experienced professional web designers are capable of delivering your desired dream website within the time frame alloted. Passionate web designers are commited to deliver and satisfy the clients requirements for web design and development with efficient functioning of features along with maintaining the website security. Proficiency in designing and development of web solutions for various business categories is another vital factor that makes the website designer special and talented. Learning new web technolgoies and adopting it in the development of website has improved the designing and development skills with professional and standard features.

Website SEO services for Organic Traffic Boost and Improved online sales in Kochi

 SEO friendly website design in kochi cochin

Website SEO services from expert SEO experts can dominantly drive more traffic to business websites from potential consumers. Visibility of business website for relevant keywords in search engine can improve the chances of website visit from potential customers around the world. SEO services aims to achieve this with website on page optimization and off page optimization works done by SEO experts in kochi. Online searching consumers at various search engines like google, bing, yandex etc. can be driven to your business website that provides relevant services or products to consumers. Well knowledged web design company always develops website that meets the SEO standards. SEO friendly web design services promotes business service or product pages to be visible at the specific target locations in search engines. Techpep technologies is one of the Best SEO company in Kochi that consists of expert SEO analyst and SEO executives that serves for the purpose of bringing your business website to the top pages of search results. Online organic sales of products can be improved for a business with ecommerce SEO services at cheap expense ratios than the paid website promotions. Kochi is a competitive business market place and so inorder to stay top among competitors an efficient SEO strategies are to be implemented in the business website which is an essential factor to thrive in business field.

web design company in kochi cochin

What are the major web design features provided by web design company in Kochi?

ecommerce web design company kochi cochin

What are the web design procedures of the web design company in Kochi?

Business clients are expecting their dream website design should be better than the competitors. Inorder to achieve that the requirements and features to be implemented should be outstanding. Proper cordination between clients and web design company can shape the dream website designs as per expection levels. Web design procedures and process involves with web design factors such as 

  1. Orientation type of business - Web designer needs to know business type such as food catering, automobiles, healthcare, architecture, online shopping, fitness or diet, education, entertainment, travel or tourism, property or real estate, legal or law, mobiles etc. to keep in mind while for creative designing purpose 
  2. Website goal and content data collection - Web designer needs to get clear clarification from the customer about the goals and purpose of the website, needs to collect relevant data such as price, names of products, offers, discounts, contact, address, social media links and content information for organizing and structuring the website.
  3. Encompassing visuals - With color theme, image combinations, business images and vectors an attractive web design layout matching the business profile are shaped and cordinated with client
  4. Attractive text fonts - Based on readability factor for every customers the text fonts style are highlighted and also according to client requirements
  5. Interactive elements or animation - Mouse movement interactive web design elements are added for attracting customers as well as for navigation enhancement highlighting, Animated business theme can be incorporated with gif or SVG and other animated codes for enhancements
  6. Wireframes & optimized code - The functional optimized codes and wireframes are developed by the web designer that is the skeletal framework of a website
  7. Navigational elements design - Navigational tabs, buttons and clickable elements highlighting design for the better user experience
  8. SEO Friendly Content management - Content structuring page designs according to search engine optimization guidelines for better search visibility of a business
  9. Optimized image or other media elements for faster loading - Compressed Images or usage of SVG, webp extensions, Optimized video formats embedding for efficient website loading and decreasing the bounce rate.
  10. Compatibility on different device platforms - The web designer has to make the website compatible on all digital device platforms like mobile phones, tablets, desktops etc. 
  11. Browser compatible - Th web designer has to make the website compatible with all types of browsers like google chrome, mozilla firefox, Opera etc.
  12. Testing - Test sequence has to be done on different platform mobile devices, browsers for checking for design errors or compatiblity issues.
  13. Launch or publishing - After the frequent positive test results, the web design can be exhibited to the client for changes or modification or acceptance. After the client acceptance web development can be proceeded and launched with best web hosting service

leading web design company kochi cochin

What are the latest web technologies used for web design by the web design company in Kochi?

Bootstrap 4.4.1

Bootstrap 4.4.1









owl carousel slider

Owl Carousel Slider

google font

Google Font

magnific popup

Magnific Popup

fully mobile responsive

Fully Responsive

Clean Code

Clean Code

speed optimized

Speed Optimized

well documented cms

Well Documented

font awesome

Font Awesome 5.13.0

seo friendly

Seo Friendly



yii 2

yii 2







digital ocean

Digital Ocean







woo commerce

Woo commerce



creative web design company kochi cochin

What are web design packages provided by web design company in Kochi?

web design company packages in kochi cochin

The web design company provide web design packages that are suitable according to clients budget. Accroding to the clients budget, features are included for business website. The web design packages or web design cost are categorized based on the business volume, number of features to be implemented, complexity of the features, payment gateway implementation, number of products and corresponding web pages, web application and mobile application implementation and more. Basically there are three website design packages according to the budget estimate

1. Basic web design package 

This would be much more affordable and cheap web design package for starters in business who wants to showcase their business services and products. At the beginning it would be better to start with a cheap website design and know the market sales for low number of products or services. The web design package cost range varies from Rs.10,000 - Rs. 20,000 based on features to be implemented. This would be basically a static website or single page website

2. Standard web design package

This would be much more upgraded version of basic website design package with added features such as enquiry forms, dynamic website feature and more. Advanced multiple user handling server and payment gateways are implemented in this package as per requirements. The package range varies from Rs.20,000 - Rs. 80,000 based on features to be implemented. Preffered for business having standard amount of products or more services.  

3. Premium web design package 

Business volume is relatively higher with wide range of products and needs to handle larger number users, transactions it would be the right choice. Animated web elements are provided in this packages. Advanced payment gateways,  Advanced multiple user handling server capacity improvement, Ecommerce web and mobile applications for users, vendors, delivery boys and admins are all included in this package. The package range varies from Rs. 80,000 - Rs. 8 lakh based on the features, web application, web based mobile application to be implemented


web design company in kochi cochin

Web design company frequently asked questions (FAQS)

 1. How much does a new web design and development cost by the web design company in Kochi?

Average basic web design cost at a range between Rs. 10000 to Rs. 80000 based on the features, modules, add ons, number of pages, payment gateways, design complexity, business categories etc. ecommerce website design cost ranges from Rs. 80,000 to 8 lakh based on the web design funtional features, payment gateways, web application, web based mobile applications.

2. What is the importance of mobile-friendly websites?

Mobile-friendly websites can drive more potential mobile consumers to website. It also have great importance in search engines for better page ranks as well as for reducing the bounce rate of users. 

3. What are static and dynamic websites?

Static websites are ones that are fixed and display the same content for every user. A dynamic website is one that can display different content and provide user interaction, by making use of advanced programming and databases in addition to HTML.

4. Is it possible to update the completed website by the client itself?

User-friendly website admin panels designed and provided with guidance by web developers will be able to help the client to update by himself for future updates.

5. How much time will it take for website completion by the web design company in Kochi?

Based on the website design and complex functional modules it would take usually about 1 week to 3 months for completion of the website. Based on the number functional features implementation, responsive content cordination, products, payment gateway implementation, ecommerce web applications, web based applications the time frame is calculated

6. Will there be website maintenance works provided by the web design company in Kochi?

Website revamping, server domain renewal, adding additional functional modules and many website maintenance works can be provided by the website developers with a relative service charge.

7. Who provides content for websites?

Website contents are provided by the client itself because they know about their business and product more. Verified and approved contents from the client have much authentication and valuable details that can favour the users of the website.

8. Where are the website hosted?

 Website is hosted at web hosting sites like Digital Ocean, AWS, GoDaddy etc. by expert web developers.

modern web design company in kochi

Customized Web Design Company in Kochi

customized web design company services kochi cochin

Custom made web design templates are developed by Best webite designers in kochi matching the business profile and themes. Cutomized features and content mangement system are provided based on client requirements and budget estimates. Customization flexibility are provided based on color, theme, developmental business features, banners, navigation, images, SVG animation, add on features, payment gateway implementaions as per requirements by the clients. Fulfilling the client requirements and needs as per expection and beyond is the prime motto for the web design company to stand top among the web design competitors fields. Innovative business requires innovative web design solutions and features which can be shaped by creative web design company.

Website Design and Development Testimonials and Reviews

It was a delight to work with the team. Arun was very responsive to all my queries. They have done a wonderful job with our new website. Will definitely recommend.

Cicy Antony

A Little Relic - United Kingdom

A wonderful company with very energetic team.They always value their customers and the quality of their products itself reveals their strength.

Antony Aj

- India

My company just wanted to say that we were very impressed with the quality of the website, the price we paid compared to other web design company was extremely low. I love the finished product you provided us. I highly recommend Techpep Technologies as a top website designer.

Shijo Mathew

- India

So happy! The SalesLeadify UG website is finally online and is looking forward to the first visitors. In the near future, this website will be expanded with additional content and interesting information about our partners and their innovative technologies. Many thanks to the team of Techpep Technologies for designing this website.

Nikolaj Matis

Managing Director - Germany

"I am taking this opportunity to thank TechPep Technologies for their outstanding teamwork. They have developed a tremendous website and also thank you for being available for me whenever I wanted to discuss something about website development. You are a cent percent trustworthy and efficient team.”

Andrew Anthony

Director - India

“ I am extremely happy that I found TechPep Technologies to develop my website. Thanks to the entire team who worked on my website. Their smart work has made my website beautiful and I am highly satisfied working with them. Also the cost is affordable."

Ravi Sreekanth

CEO - India

“During this period of implementation and support, it is found that the team committed and delivered the best quality. We genuinely recommend TechPep Technologies for anyone who looks for a masterpiece.”

Julian Ian

Managing Director - Germany

“I am completely satisfied with the service provided by TechPep Technologies, they were too happy to help and deliver the results that I am after.”

Adhiti Prasad

Director - India

‘I am so happy to tell you all that my website looks amazing and thank you for going over. It was a pleasure to work with your design team. Your perfect designing procedure made it easy for me to go to the next step so quickly and thus to complete the website on time.”

Alex Paul

Director - India

"Quality work. They are rich with professional website developers in India with a dedicated supportive team. Good experience working with them, great services. Finally, I got a nice website. All credits goes to the team”

Abdul Naeem

CEO - Oman

"Best Web designers & developers in Kerala. Easy to connect the team. I felt comfortable working with each of them in the team."

Ajith Menon

Managing Director - India

One of the best web design and development, software design and development company in Kerala, India for all types of business. Mobile app development and logo design services for business that are adapted to the latest technologies. Latest Web application services are really adaptive, innovative and creative with best web developers in India

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Creative Team

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Nice customer service and good work delivery. Trustworthy for those who seeks easy online market exposure for their products.

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