Our Services

Web Design and Development
Insight-driven healthcare or gamified learning, our engineers will use the best of technology and tools to tackle your specific problem. Industries we serve include healthcare, education, financial services, retail, hospitality, transportation, engineering, and tourism among others. Each of these sectors has its own distinctive set of challenges. We provide enterprises with purpose-built applications designed to meet their unique needs. Solutions range from healthcare IoT apps and real-time condition monitoring systems to virtual shopping assistants with in-store analytics intelligence.

Digital Media Management
Techpep is known for its full-stack development package. With focus teams for every layer of the application—from fluidly responsive screens to powerful data crunching engines and analytical subsystems—we deliver a rock-solid solution. Our front-end engineers work with the latest JS frameworks and libraries to bring mockups from development to delivery. To build the application brain, skilled backend developers team up with database experts and experienced data scientists. On the cloud or otherwise, we build you resilient systems meshing the various components together with suitable middleware. For businesses that prefer everything.

Web and Email Hosting
Whether you're managing a group project or a small business, email hosting gives you all the tools to succeed. The cornerstone of every successful business is communication. Do it right with Hostinger. Send a message that says you mean business! Take advantage of a set of productivity tools that will positively impact your every day.

Mobile Development
Do you wish to infuse your business with the best and latest of mobile technology?Tap into our mobility expertise to build a futuristic solution. We have experience building enterprise applications to consumer-focused mobile apps and understand what makes an app succeed.

We can help you figure out the most efficient way to leverage mobility to improve your business. Be it boosting productivity or creating an immersive shopping experience, we will help you chalk out a solid mobile-first approach.

Creative apps using the latest technology is our forte. To realize your ideas into applications, we have a multidisciplinary team lined up. From concept to app store promotion, we will lead you through the entire app lifecycle.

With many functions to cater to and challenges to address, enterprises have a lot to gain from mobility. We integrate cloud and mobile strategies to build solutions for process enablement, productivity enhancement, data security, ECM, BYOD, IoT, and more.


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